Fabulous Spring Trends

Written By Alla Levin
May 14, 2019

Spring is in full swing, and with it, comes a slew of fresh, fun, and flirty hair and makeup trends to try out. Here are some of the most fabulous spring trends we’ve been loving:

Fabulous Spring Beauty Trends to Keep Your Eye On: Curly BangsBrazilian virgin hair

Curly hair is often seen as high maintenance. Without proper care, it can be prone to frizziness and look dry, unruly, and unkempt. But when cared for and styled correctly, curly hair looks gorgeous and full of life.

Many people think that curly bangs would be hard to pull off, but celebrities like Zendaya and model Alana Arrington have been proving us wrong. If you’re curious about the trend but hesitant to make a full commitment, try it out with the help of hair extensions from True Glory Hair.

True Glory Hair offers a wide array of high-quality hair extensions, ranging from straight to wavy and curly. Their hair bundles are made from the finest Indian or Brazilian virgin hair, so they can mimic the look, feel, and movement of your natural hair.

Choose a hair bundle that matches your natural hair, and give the curly bangs trend a whirl. When rocking curly hair, high shine, and definition are essential. Be sure to condition your hair regularly and avoid drying it out by shampooing or using heating tools too often. Work a nourishing hair serum or oil through your strands after every wash, and gently work out tangles and separate your curls using a good quality hair pick.

Rainbow Eyeshadow


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This season, put away your boring, neutral palettes and take a break from the dark, smoky eyes of fall and winter. Spring is all about color and plants and flowers coming back to life, and nothing says “spring” more than the pretty shades of a rainbow.

Rainbow eyeshadow may seem intimidating and too loud, but the way to pull off this trend is by opting for softer, pastel colors. It’s not as complicated as it might seem to do, either.

Simply put down three or four shades in concentrated areas on your eyelids and gently blend with a fluffy brush. The result will look playful, fresh, and whimsical — just perfect for spring.

Bright and Bold Eyeliner

If messing around with eyeshadows still seems to complicated for you, try adding a pop of color to your eye makeup by wearing bold-colored eyeliners. Bright blues, vibrant fuschia, and electric violet are unexpectedly fresh and give your makeup look an interesting spin.

Experiment with different colors, go as crazy and wild as you want, but some colors will complement your natural eye color better than others. Turquoise and silver will intensify your baby blues, while orange, coral, and bronze provide high contrast and will make them pop. If you have brown eyes, gold and yellow eyeliners will bring out all the richness and warmth in them. Purple and green will also look amazing with hazel-brown eyes.

Monochromatic Makeup

If you just want a simple, fuss-free makeup look that you can put together in five minutes, try out the monochromatic makeup trend. This means wearing the same color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks, and you can even use the same product in all three areas.

A creamy matte lipstick in a fresh peach or light coral color can easily be used as a shadow, blush, and lip color and would look amazing for spring. These are just some of our favorite hair and makeup trends for spring, and you might have noticed that this season, it’s all about relaxed playfulness and whimsical color. Don’t be so serious; go ahead and have fun with your hair and makeup this spring!

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