6 Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends That Are Shaping the Landscape in 2021

Written By Alla Levin
October 22, 2021

6 Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends That Are Shaping the Landscape in 2021

Unprecedented strides have been made in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in recent years. While some of the most recent ones have been a bit controversial and stirred up a great deal of fear and panic among the masses, others are absolutely awe-inspiring. Numerous trends are sure to develop in all realms of the medical field during the coming year. Still, certain pharmaceutical packaging trends are bound to shape the industry’s landscape moving forward.

Packaging Automation

Generally speaking, packaging automation isn’t exactly a new development. Equipment that places medications into bottles and blister packs has been around for quite some time. That being said, modern-day Pharmacy Packaging Machines are taking matters to new heights. They’re covering all the bases, from filling and sealing to ensuring medications are properly blended and labeled.

User-Friendly Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging is also set to become more user-friendly during the months and years to come. This is an essential step for the industry to help ensure consumers can use pharmaceutical products correctly, safely, and effectively. From more detailed dosage information on the labeling to proper disposal techniques, packaging is certainly becoming more oriented to the needs of everyday people.

Efficient Packaging Materials and Techniques

Efficiency in the packaging sector is also trending these days. This covers several aspects, not the least of which are packaging materials and strategies. If recent developments are any indication, there’s certainly going to be a greater need for faster, simpler packaging techniques to get pharmaceuticals into the hands of the public more quickly. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies will be under greater pressure to make the most of the resources available to them and reduce waste.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is also rising to the forefront. As natural resources for making packaging materials continue to wane, finding more sustainable solutions is important. Additionally, creating packaging via processes that leave a smaller footprint is also becoming far more essential.

This is crucial for all industries, but the pharmaceutical sector faces unique challenges due to the compassionate nature of the products in question.

Improved Tracking Via Nanotechnology

Over the years, counterfeiting and misuse of medications have become major issues. Nanotechnology is set to become a key player in mitigating those problems. It can allow manufacturers and pharmacies alike to track pharmaceutical products and gain more control over where they’re going and how they’re being used.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is also expected to become more prominent in pharmaceutical packaging. This is guaranteed to branch out in many directions during the years to come. Smart technology can indicate when medications have passed their expiration dates or been exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.

It can also give pharmacies and stores more effective ways of managing their inventories and preventing shortages. Those are only a couple of the possibilities.

Forging into the Future

There’s no denying that the medical sector has seen numerous advancements in recent years. Pharmaceutical packaging hasn’t been left out of the mix. It’s becoming more intricate while also becoming simpler and safer for consumers.

At the same time, smart technology, nanotechnology, and automation are revolutionizing the industry in several ways. Packaging is even growing more efficient and economically friendly. All those developments are sure to shape the industry during the years to come.

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