Food Prep Gloves | How to Choose Ones for Your Restaurant

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April 01, 2022
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Food Prep Gloves | How to Choose Ones for Your Restaurant

It is essential to have suitable gloves for preparing and handling food in a restaurant. In this article, you will learn tips suggested by Happy Hand Gloves, one of the great latex examination gloves manufacturers in Thailand. Read on how to choose the right ones for your restaurant.

Choosing Gloves for Your Restaurant

When running a restaurant, it is important to protect food from contamination that could transfer between the skin and raw and cooked foods. Wearing gloves will protect your hands and people consuming prepared food. Please read the following recommendations.

Certified for Food Use

When working on restaurant marketing, you can advertise that you use the proper gloves for your customer’s safety, and so when purchasing gloves look for safety regulations on the packaging. This packing will indicate if the gloves can be used for food preparation if they can be reused, and how they can be properly disposed of.

In general, gloves that can be used for food preparation must not transfer components or chemicals of the glove material to the food, change the composition of the food, or alter the taste or aroma of the food. The labeling on the package of gloves may also have a glass and fork symbol to help you quickly identify that it is for use with food.

Latex Materialfood prep gloves

Latex Is a natural rubber that is suitable for the handling of food. They are flexible and allow the user to move their hands easily while gripping kitchen tools and foods. Latex gloves are also resistant to abrasions, cuts, and punctures, making them an excellent choice for using tools such as knives to prepare food. Gloves will also protect your hands from acidic and spicy foods and keep odors from spices, such as garlic, from permeating your skin on a longer-term basis.


Gloves that fit properly will maximize the ease of use and ensure a tight fit to keep out contamination. When purchasing gloves, you should make sure that you refer to the packaging’s size chart. Wearing gloves that fit properly will reduce the probability of fatigue and inefficiency in the kitchen.


We recommend that you choose a glove color that contrasts with the color of the food you are preparing. A color, such as blue, will provide a visual barrier when cutting foods such as chicken and other poultry meat. Additionally, colored gloves, if torn, will contrast against the color of your skin.

This will allow you to see any gloves that should be discarded and replaced right away. If any pieces are missing from the gloves as you work, you can stop your food prep and locate the missing piece to ensure that it did not end up in the final product or prepared dish.


Gloves are essential for food preparation in the restaurant industry. It is important to have a barrier between the skin of food preparers and the food that consumers will eat. Some gloves are better suited for food preparation, including ones rated for food safety, made of flexible and durable material, fit well, and are of a contrasting color to the user’s skin. We recommend that you always buy the proper gloves in bulk to have them readily available for consistent and immediate use.

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