Function Over Style? Designer Sunglasses with UV Protection Offer Both

Written By Alla Levin
April 01, 2022

Function Over Style? Designer Sunglasses with UV Protection Offer Both

When buying designer sunglasses, we rarely think of getting UV protection ones. Mostly, we think of getting the most stylish one to look classy and fashionable. But did you know that designer glasses with UV protection online are now becoming the trend? It helps you make a statement while protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun!

Wish to know more? Then read on as we discuss why you need UV protection in your glasses, which designer glasses have UV protection, and more. So let’s get started!

Do I Need UV Protection On My Sunglasses?

If you spend a lot of time outside your home, you have to get UV protection sunglasses. It can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. However, even a little exposure to the radiation can cause damage to your eyes – almost like a sunburn. Also, if you are already sensitive to light, you might have migraine-like headaches, and your eyes will tear up. What’s more, these problems can lead to macular degeneration and cataract problems later on. 

Around 1/4 of UV ray damage occurs during our early 20s. For kids, the harm occurs during the summer months. So no matter what your age, you have to get hold of UV protection sunglasses to ensure your eyes get maximum protection all the time. 

How Much UV Protection Do Designer Sunglasses Have?How Much UV Protection Do Designer Sunglasses Have

Usually, most designer sunglasses have UV400. It ensures 100% protection from UV rays. You can find this information on the sunglasses case or on any warranty or service card they offer. If they don’t mention the number, make sure it says 100% UVB and UVA protection. 

Designer Sunglasses With UV Protection Online

So the good news is SmartBuyGlasses UK has the best collection of designer sunglasses with UV protection. These will protect your eyes while making you look stylish and iconic!

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

We love how classy Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster looks. And its UV protection feature ensures that we look stylish while our eyes are protected from the harmful sun rays!

Brette SmartBuy

SmartBuy collection has a range of discounts going on now. And among them, the Brette model with iconic round metal glasses has UV protection! 

Burberry 4291Designer Sunglasses With UV Protection Online 

When it comes to style, no one does it better than Burberry. So naturally, when their UV protection glasses came along, we fell in love with them! The sunglasses are enormous, so if you are looking for a little bit of drama with UV protection, this is the right pick for you.

Prada Symbole

Last comes Prada Symbole – one of the classiest, trendiest sunglasses ever! Available in 5 different colors, this model has Category 3 UV protection that can help you protect yourself from harmful rays.


We can conclude that designer sunglasses can be functional and stylish. Moreover, they can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while helping you make a statement. Order a pair from SmartBuyGlasses UK and take advantage of ongoing discounts. Happy shopping! 

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