Your Perfect Guide To Sunglasses Trends

Written By Alla Levin
April 05, 2022

Your Perfect Guide To Sunglasses Trends

Though sunglasses have the primary function of protecting your eyes from harmful rays of the sun, it is rarely the reason for their praise and adornment. The sunglasses are way more than just a plain accessory or an add-on. Rather, many people consider it to be a statement or a means to express themselves.

How they alter your image

When someone wears any accessories on their face, especially glasses and sunglasses, it becomes the first detail to be noticed by default. This being the case, it can be safely said that the sunglasses one chooses to wear can absolutely change the way one presents himself to the general crowd and his acquaintances.

That being said, it is clearly evident that there are new designs and concepts being launched every season as far as sunglasses are concerned. Though all these trendy sunglasses tend to be very appealing and have their own charm, a few of them reached exponential levels of popularity and have held their top position for a relatively long time frame, owing to their demand and suitability to the general public.

Wrap-around and sporty glassesSunglasses Trends

With more and more individuals becoming aware of their lifestyles and the need for regular physical activity, outdoorsy designs, and sunglasses that can endure adversities are now hot on the market. This includes the classic wrap-around with bands to support the glasses firmly as you take up rugged and tricky activities like hiking, climbing, etc.

Unlike the initial days when they looked pretty boring and were even synonymous with punishments in the case of kids,  these banded glasses are now available with different variations and captivating designs to suit different personal preferences. However, they might not be ideal for any official and important events.

Chunky and statemental squares

These were the styles that were sported by only the rappers and rockstars with interesting lifestyles and were considered a popular aspect of streetwear culture initially. Gradually, this style has now found its way into the regular consumer trends and has been gaining a steady crowd of enthusiasts rocking this style effortlessly.

With staunch and thick frames in colors that grab your attention, these glasses could be the best statemental pieces of eyewear one could own.

Aviatorstrendy sunglasses

Though this trend has been popular among professionals in the film and modeling industry for a long time, it has only just now come into regular practice. After several years of being portrayed as the typical American accessory in a variety of shows and movies, this trend seems to be taking its stand with undeviating popularity owing to its timeless nature.

Sunglasses trends: Browline sunglasses

Any topic on sunglasses would remain incomplete without a mention of a retro trend from the 1900s. The browline glasses are just that and much more. This old-school classic was a staple in the collection of every designer and fashion follower along the course of 1950 to 1970. With a sophisticated, smart, and serious appeal, it is still pulled off by many known public figures and popular business magnates around the world.

Round sunglasses

The days when round sunglasses were made fun of and called Harry Potter are now far into the past, with the rising popularity. With a feeling of intellect and studiousness of the round-shaped lens mixed with a sense of youth by the thicker and statemental frame, these glasses are currently the go-to choice for youngsters and university folk. Irrespective of age, they are also perfect for your vacations and tour plans.

Bold colors

These glasses are now made very popular thanks to the abstract and hippie-like trends of fashion currently in trend. These glasses come in a variety of frames, probably of every color and shape that you can possibly think of. With these statemental and not so timid outlooks, these glasses could be your perfect partner for a fun gala and subsequently flaunt your funky side.

Sunglasses Trends: Conclusion

To wrap things up, it is clearly evident that sunglasses are definitely way more than an accessory. One can even consider it as a means to change the personal image held by a person. Next time you find yourself wanting to do something hip and switch things up a little bit, going shopping for sunglasses could be a perfect activity.

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