Should I Get A Wrist Of Console Dive Computer

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2022
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Should I Get A Wrist Of Console Dive Computer

When first starting to dive, you’re faced with decisions. Among many of those decisions is how you’re going to monitor the important safety metrics for your dive. Having a safe dive is important and choosing the right equipment, for you, is key. You can choose a wrist-mounted or console dive computer; both are great for different reasons, but you might find that you like one better than the other.

Is Wrist Mounted Dive Computer For You

Having wrist-mounted dive computers can be convenient for how small they are and maybe easier for traveling. Compared to consoles, wrist-mounted dive computers allow you to hold other equipment while using the computer and allow for quick glances to monitor your dive. However; you may have a hard time operating the computer in cold water temperatures that make your hands and fingers less maneuverable for small buttons or screens.

If you want a dive computer that is portable, the wrist-mounted dive computer is the way to go. Since it isn’t attached to any of your equipment, you can use the computer with other diving gear you might rent. It also has air integration and a compass and is seen as a more stylish piece of SCUBA equipment.

Is Conole Dive Computer For YouWrist Of Console Dive Computer

Many advocates using a console rather than a wrist-mounted dive computer because of the larger, easier-to-read screen. There are many other benefits to the console such as the convenience of button size when wearing thicker gloves, it’s automatically attached to regulators so you won’t forget it, and it is unlikely you’ll lose it.

Some downside of having a larger dive computer is when it’s time for a safety check, the diver needs to stop to grab the gauge. This is less convenient than the simple check of the wrist that a smaller dive computer has.

Console features consist of monitoring your depth, amount of time you’ve been diving, the remaining time you have left to dive, how much gas you have left in your tank, and many other possible features, Wrist mounted computers may have these features but at a higher cost.

Air Integrater Feature

Air integration features can be in a console or a wrist dive computer. Air integration computers tell you exactly how much air you have left, which takes away the need to monitor pressure. More complex systems can calculate how much air you have left and how much you use based on your exertion level.

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