Category features Q&A sessions with professional artists sharing their art-making techniques and sources of inspiration.

Essential_Drawing_Materials_by_Faron_Salas (3)

Portraits of People in Traditional Drawing Techniques

Great Portraits of People and an Essential Drawing Materials by Faron Salas Are you in search of the best tools and accessories for traditional drawing or let me say in search of the essential drawing...
Illustrations_and_Pattern_Design_by_Lidija_Paradinovic_Nagulov (5)

What do Professional Illustrators Use?

Lidija Nagulov Shares her Thoughts on How to become a Great Artist and tells What do Professional Illustrators Use. The reason i run this blog is not just my love for the art and artists, well...
Pencil_Marker_Animal_illustrations_By_Katy_Lipscomb (9)

Interview with Fabulous Katy Lipscomb. Her Colorful Animals In Pencil and Marker Illustrations.

Colorful Pencil and Marker Animal Illustrations by Katy Lipscomb. I was eagerly waiting for this Tuesday because today I have a special guest. Please welcome Katy Lipscomb, a fantastic American illustrator. Katy creates an incredibly light,...
Art_Nouveau_ Drawings_by_Paul_McDougall (14)

Delicate Art Nouveau Drawings by Paul McDougall

Delicate Art Nouveau Drawings and a Real Life Story of Incredible person - Paul McDougall from Canada I have noticed artworks by Paul MvDougall not so long time ago and was astonished by his delicate,...

Exciting Woman Portrait Drawings by Christian Sauget

Beautiful Woman Portrait Drawings by Christian Sauget! Christian Sauget is probably one of the most humble masters i have ever met. I follow him on social media and every of his portrait drawing is fantastic. I...

Terrific Miniature Objects and 3 Dimensional Art by Phillip Nuveen

Miniature Objects and 3 Dimensional Art Looks like I am getting more and more exciting discovering creative people; People and their unique talents are amazing. The ideas they bring to reality mesmerize me more than...
Fashion-Illustrations-by -Natalia-Jheté_Quarterly_Flat

Incredible Fashion Illustrations by Natalia Jheté

An Interview with Fabulous Fashion Illustrator Natalia Jheté. Fashion Illustration recently has become one of the most popular and as I think, the most attractive form of art. This direction of art is always interesting...

Raul Villalba an Artist to Reflect the Hidden Secrets of the Real Human Soul

The interview with a Master of Photomanipulation - Raul Villalba It is a bright mix of desirable inspiration and deep secrets of the artist. Some people say that the art is the reflection of somebody's soul....

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