Nice article (one of many from by Raj Dash)
A number of bloggers have made a variety of informative comments recently about how they’re blogging for pay. Go visit the Exchange blog for a view of some good advice. Here are a few tips of my own in the form of a point list. Keep in mind that I’m using the term biz-blogger in the sense that you are blogging for someone else for pay, be it online publishers or companies with a blog, not necessarily in the sense that you are blogging about business topics.

(1) Choose a few (niche) topics. The amount of effort that it takes to really learn one topic is a lot more than you might think. Even when you are an expert at something, there are probably new things to learn all the time. If you blog about too many topics simultaneously, you run the risk of producing sub-par work. That’s what happened to me on my own blogs. Now, I try to focus most of the weekdays on client blogs, and spend the weekends for my own blogs – but at a reduced number. If I have blogs that overlap that of clients’, in terms of topics, I might publish to those on weekdays as well, but I limit myself to one long article or several short posts.

(2) Be realistic. A professional writer of any flavour must be able to learn new topics on the fly. This is especially true for professional biz-bloggers. But as per point #1 above, there’s only so much time in a day to learn AND write. I’ve limited myself to 5-6 topics that I blog about daily. I’m not including one-off writing projects, most of which I can do on weekends. Though accepting this many topics means putting in 10 hours or more per day. (As I get more efficient on a topic, I find myself relaxing and actually spending a couple of hours watching TV without guilt.) If you are working at a daytime (or nighttime) job as well, don’t try to take on more than one or two topics all at once – unless you plan to devote your entire weekend to blogging. I’m not a vacation person, preferring instead to meditate, but do consider taking a vacation from blogging.

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