Image Gallery Post Generator

This plugin is used for post or page generation from existing directory pre filled with images. Now supports attachments generation.
Demonstration Galleries

Download latest version of the plugin


  • GD 2.0
  • FTP Access to your hosting account
  • Optional: EXIF

How to use

  • Unzip, and upload to wordpress plugins folder;
  • Go to WordPress Admin and activate plugin on Plugins page;
  • Create somewhere on your hosting account gallery folder and upload images into it;
  • In WordPress admin click Write->Import Images;
  • Enter your Gallery full server path or relative path according to your WordPress root (example wp-content/galley/my-images), in this case you may leave URL empty (in relative path is used)
  • Select desired thumbnail dimensions (or check `Skip resizing`) and click [Generate]. Then wait until plugin will generate thumbnails (if applicable);
  • You will be redirected to edit page or post with all images embedded into your post, all you need is to set up Categories and titles for your post.

This is the easiest way to create galleries within WordPress without third party modules.

  • v2.1 UPDATE: Added support attachments generation.
    Now you may import images as attachments (bound to post/page) and re use them anywhere when ever you need them again. More resizing options added (no thumbnails).
    Fixed post/page target selection.
  • v1.3 UPDATE: Added support of EXIF tags (optional) and %url% – link to actual image to implement complex macros for external image processing.
  • v1.2 UPDATE: Added error detection and path validation; Added support of WordPress 1.5. Also plugin will warn you if GD is not detected in your PHP;
  • v1.1 UPDATE: Now you may specify image prepend and append texts (including XHTML tags) and use macros: %file% – replaced with filename, %width% and %height% (actual width and height of image).

    Hi, thanks for the plugin. Very usefull for us.

  • Van D.

    I’ve got a problem. The plugin doesn’t create any thumbnails. He creates the folder “th” but there is nothing in this folder. The plugin redirects me to:

    but absolutely nothing happens. no new page, no redirect, no nothing. what am I doing wrong?

    Oh, and what does Album Base URL mean (maybe that is the whole problem :P)

  • Sue

    Couldn’t get it to work with WordPress 2.1. Got an error relating to PHP safe mode.

  • lordtime

    this plugin and many other will never work on safe mode as safe mode restricts functionality of many useful php features.

    imho safe mode is a redundant paranoia of sysadmins

  • alex

    Is there anyway to have the plugin create a PAGE instead of a post? I set it to create a page, but it always creates a post in the main blog body…

    Thanks so much and thank you for the great plugin!

  • kenia safari

    just wondering what is the difference between a page and a post?

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    Any hope of making the images attachments to the post, so the images use the attachment.php template when clicked? I realize it’s been about a year since you last updated, but I can always hope :)

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