Glossary WordPress Plugin

Glossary WordPress Plugin

Glossary WordPress Plugin

The IMM-Glossary plugin was created to give WordPress users an easy way to create and manage an online glossary of terms relevant to their website.  Adding terms and linking to them by hand was a tedious process.  The IMM-Glossary plugin makes keeping your readers educated easy.


  • Add terms and definitions from within the WordPress admin interface
  • Automatic linking of terms in all posts, new and old
  • Option to link all instances of a word in a post or page or just the first one (Globally and per post)
  • Option to include an icon of your choosing next to glossary terms to distinguish them from normal hyperlink
  • Automatically builds master glossary page, complete with navigation links
  • Automatically creates single entry pages for linked terms


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  • This Plugin is really great and I’m heading straight away to install and use it in my The Gadget Freak Blog!

    Thanks man…

  • joelsephus

    I love this widget, but it needs to be updated badly! It caused a serious error on my blog and I had to disable it. Please fix and update! Thanks!