WordPress Post Filter Plugin Updated

Wordpress Post Filter

WordPress Post Filter Plugin Updated

We glad to announce an update on Post Filter WordPress Plugin.

This plugin is a good help for bloggers who want to use external tools or write via WordPress without boring external images relinking/uploading and content cleanup. This plugin cleans posts and caches remote images on the fly.


Tested with WordPress 2.0 and higher; Requires GD for resizing images on the fly. Version 1.1: Now uses curl to download files, you may specify a list of extensions to download.


  • Download and cache all external images to your wp-content directory so this post will reference them locally and you won’t steal someone else’s bandwidth;
  • You may request to auto resize images (if you blog is narrow!) and add them into WordPress attachments area;
  • You may request to strip all id, style, class attributes so you will not follow other site’s classes and styles;
  • Specify extensions to filter (added in version 1.1).