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Choosing an Accredited Online PsyD Program

If you are seeking a career in a psychological field, then you would want to consider the Doctor of Psychology, abbreviated as PsyD.

While some people prefer a structure that in-person PsyD Programs provide, others would choose to complete their PsyD programs online.

Depending on your plans, whether you need to have a family or want to run your program alongside business, an online PsyD program might be a good fit for you.

You won’t have to attend classes; all is needed is to log in from wherever and get to study.

My focus on this online program goes to accreditation, award levels, and the career options available in accreted PsyD programs.

But First, What Is a PsyD Program?

A PsyD degree entails a terminal, doctoral degree usually awarded to professionals completing a clinical psychology degree.

The PsyD degree program comes highly recommended for those who want to offer psychology services, whether for public or private practice.

A Ph.D. degree is equally recommended for private practitioners as well as those who practice the discipline in academia. Depending on state regulations, one may be required to secure an internship first. Then pass a Professional practice psychology Examination to acquire the state license.

Students who are passionate about pursuing a Doctor of Psychology degree online or distance education, should, at the very least, consider some factors.

Follow through for a discussion on some vital considerations, along with a few institutions offering online PsyD programs.

Award levelsdistance education

A PsyD degree program is more focused on clinical practice as opposed to academic and case research. You would be amazed at how short it can take you to complete your PsyD program, something like 3-4 years, unlike other programs that take a whopping 5-7 years.

On graduating, a PsyD professional can secure a job with family therapy clinics, mental hospitals, and other medical institutions offering various psychological services.


Different states have different licensure and accreditation procedures for psychologists. Generally, you would find that before taking care of patients or diagnosing them. A PsyD needs accreditation by a certified institution.

These accreditations demand a doctorate, a completed internship, and 1-2 years of cumulative experience in a busy residency program.

For instance, the American Psychological Association (APA) is a regulatory body that accredits doctoral programs in psychology. However, or unluckily, you should note that this body hasn’t accredited even a single online PsyD program until the latest 2015.

Distance learning students who earn their PsyD online may have to fulfill a few additional requirements for licensure, among them being a demonstration of an educational record with their coursework, which should resonate with APAs curriculum standards.

Program Type

An online PsyD program offers the learners to enroll in low residency format/ or hybrid format, which demands that students spend at least part of their time on campus to acquire hands-on training.

Most online programs plan and slot for onsite training to offer the best clinical experience for professional practice. Therefore, students pursuing the hybrid program are required to schedule their time such that they can participate in individual research, internships, and clinical practicums.

Career Options with a PsyD Degree ProgramDistance learning

The specialty you choose is most likely is influenced by your preferred clientele, clinical practice, or research. Whichever specialization you choose, you will end up working with any of these PsyD specializations.

  • PsyD in Child and Adolescent Psychology. This program focuses on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating mental problems, emotional problems, behavioral issues, peer pressure, and learning disorders.
  • Psy.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This specialty of psychology focuses on applying principles of psychology in the workplace. An industrial psychologist comes in handy for designing interview questions to help in hiring and job placement, as well as giving a picture of individual employees and the entire organization.
  • PsyD in Clinical Psychology. This type of degree focuses on learning assessment and intervention skills to improve peoples’ quality of life. Mostly, these professionals work in clinics, hospitals, mental health centers, and social services centers by offering preventive mental health processes and wellness packages.
  • PsyD in School Psychology. This focuses on assessing the strengths and skills of students, and also how to counsel them to improve their skills. Here, talk of school psychologists, diagnosticians among others.

Although students are supposed to finish a dissertation on a topic in clinical or applied psychology, the PsyD program emphasizes practical experience. That’s why you would take a large number of internships if you are pursuing clinical psychology. Common onsite placement stations include women’s shelters, hospitals, or clinics in local areas.

Are you wondering where to get a credible online school for your PsyD program?masters degree

These intuitions are best suited to suit your needs. Well, you may visit the following universities.

  • Meridian University – Offers Psychology Masters and Doctoral Degrees, Reimagining Professional Practice.
  • California Southern University – offers an online Doctor of Psychology with optional practicum and internship opportunities.
  • The University of the Rockies – offers an online Doctor of a Psychology degree program that is not intended for licensure.
  • Capella University – Provides an online Doctor of Psychology program with a specialization in clinical psychology.

The availability of several online Doctor of Psychology degree programs offers students a wide range to choose from.

However, they need to scrutinize the program’s format for any in-person requirements, from residencies or fieldwork to programs capacity to prepare students for licensure.

They would also want to consider the level of the award to pursue as well as the accreditation of different PsyD programs.

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