Snowy Owl Pictures

Written By Ejaz Khan
December 28, 2021

Snowy Owl Pictures

Why pictures of white owls? Snow-colored owl pictures could appear to be a new piece on my photography site, as I haven’t had a lot of chances to make frigid owl pictures and white owl art. I shot these pictures during my last trip to Canada, and I had the opportunity to picture white owl art.

I was assuming the weather to be cold and ruthless as well. No one flies to Canada hoping to see the Canadian tropical nature. I am traveling only to those areas where I expect the white owls. It wasn’t as cruel as I thought, just an amazing -30°F. My guide and I trekked into the snowy, treeless tundra, expecting to find the owls, and their spotless features merged them perfectly for pictures of owl art.

These attractive snowy owls look like chunks of snow that may fly away abruptly. When flying, the blue sky offers a contrast that makes them more attractive. If you’ve spotted one and gotten the hang of what you’re looking for, it’s like a game of Where’s Waldo.

Our comprehensive collection of Snowy Owl photos with Premium High Res is not just art but also creates awareness. If you are a cold climate bird lover, you will be impressed by visiting our bald eagle art.

Art Photography For Snowy Owl LoversArt Photography For Snowy Owl Lovers

The snowy owl is an excellent addition to these beautiful white birds for their lovers. You might ask which photos are for sale and how you get these images? What environment do you want to bring into your living room? What would you feel when you see these pictures displayed in your space? Finding the perfect piece that connects with us also involves taste, style, and emotional appeal.

The generic snowy owl stock photos can’t make you feel pure energy. These arts can also be connected with fine art photographers. If you know, the artists and their hidden inspiration take you to another level. Our favorite pictures of white and beautiful snowy owl prints are titled SERENE?

The Effects Of Climate Change On Snowy Owls

When we discussed fine art photography of the snowy owls, we learned that their population has declined for years. While they eat voles, arctic hares, and smaller birds, these creatures depend primarily on lemmings. The small rodents account for 90% of their diets. They live off moss and greens, even passing the winters, but they require the right environment to survive.

They need snowmelt to hide from predators having something to eat, directly affected by climate change. Snowy owls need a pound of meat a day, so they depend on plenty of lemmings. These creatures have seen a decline because lemming populations have suffered enough.

With this reducing ratio, I consulted a specialist in Canada who focused on snowy owls. He utilizes tracking bands that monitor every bird for one to two years. He follows birds flying from Siberia to Canada to Alaska, back to Siberia, and then back to Alaska.

His project was worthy, and I also came to know their dynamic movement. Our rationale is to support and spread awareness for the snowy owl using our art photography, like our pictures of mustang horses.

Patience Is A Virtue When Taking Snowy Owl ImagesTaking Snowy Owl Images

After three years, I first photographed these snowy owls. I had forgotten essential details about photographing birds during this time. I have to show my patients. After all, that is a good chunk of my work as a wildlife photographer.

However, the patience required for capturing snow owl images or other birds was a different experience from that for any mammals. I was told I must show patience with pictures of snowy owls. And so we did, for a long long time. 

I wait in the freezing cold without my glasses to photograph beautiful white owl images. My hiatus from photographing birds also made me forget that I had to keep my eye glued to the viewfinder to shoot pictures of snowy owls.

To photograph them in snowy owl prints, I have shown my patience for an extended period. Unlike human models, who can be asked to move around and pose, I had to wait for them to change positions. And so, I just had to be patient with my snowy owl image settings.

Frostbitephotographing birds

After a long wait, a large white shape flew into the frame. I missed my white owl flying shot by a few seconds because I couldn’t press down on the shutter button fast enough. My guide then showed the burns on my fingers. I had put them in my mind and almost forgot when I was taking images. The weather is freezing, reminding me of when I went to Norway to take a bull photo.

I effectively gave myself frostbite during my last trip to the Arctic. I was so engrossed in the snowy owl images that I forgot to take care of it. This was a hindrance to my photography. White owls were flying around me, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to photograph them.

I work with my pain, and my nails were popping out on our second day of taking snowy owl pictures. The weather made this pain more dangerous. However, I had no choice but to continue. I was here for snowy owl images, which I would leave with. I’m glad that I persevered with what I needed.

What I was glad to work through with or without gloves. My art, as always, is for my viewers, but the journey is for me, and I’m proud of this one. I returned with breathtaking pictures of snowy and white owls and am glad to share them with you. I love photographing wildlife in extreme weather, which you can see in our reindeer prints.

Snowy Owl Pictures: ConservationSnowy owl pictures

It’s our natural duty to preserve all the beautiful animals. As a fashion photographer, I have to pay for the models. As a wildlife photographer, it isn’t so. So to give back, I’ve to stay connected with organizations such as The Wolf Conservation Center and World Animal Protection.

A part of our work print sales goes to one of these organizations for their projects. So when you buy prints of any size from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping nature. It’s an open invitation to all to enjoy favorite images in different sizes.


We will provide premium pictures of Snowy Owls of the highest quality for your home in various sizes. Find the latest videos, fantastic photography images, beautiful landscape photos, funny pictures, and quotes from the world’s most beautiful animals. It’s not the same experience when looking at ordinary Snowy owl stock photos as that of the fine detail in our fine art photography images. Explore stunning black and white wall art Ideas.

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