Snowy Owl Pictures

Written By Ejaz Khan
December 28, 2021
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Snowy Owl Pictures

Why images of white owls? Snowy owl pictures might seem a bit new on my art photography website, as I haven’t had much opportunity to create snowy owl images and white owl art. I was able to shoot these images during my last trip to Canada, and I was able to get white owl art. The chance became available, so I needed to take it.

I was expecting the weather to be cold and also unforgiving as usual. No one flies to Canada, hoping for the tropics. There are no tropical birds around where I’m going, only white owls in flight. It wasn’t as bad as I had braced myself for, just an incredible -30°F. My guide and I trekked out into the snowy treeless tundra where we could find the owls in these white fields, and their immaculate feathers blended them perfectly for owl art images.

If anything, these beautiful snowy owls look like lumps of snow that may suddenly fly away. When in flight, the blue sky offers a contrast that makes them impossible to miss and beautiful artwork. If you’ve spotted one and gotten the hang of what you’re looking for, it’s like a game of Where’s Waldo.

Our extensive collection of Snowy Owl Photos are Premium High Res Pictures is not just art; it creates awareness. If you love birds in a cold climate, take a look at our bald eagle art.

Art Photography For Snowy Owl LoversArt Photography For Snowy Owl Lovers

Our snowy owl pictures are the perfect addition to these beautiful white bird lovers. You might ask yourself which photos for sale and snowy images should you get? What experience do you want to bring into your home? What emotion do you want to feel when you see the snowy owls flying displayed in your space? Finding the perfect piece that connects with us also involves taste, style, and emotional appeal.

You want to feel the pure energy you can’t get with generic Snowy owl stock photos. Another essential aspect to consider is to connect with the fine art photographer. Learning who the artist is and the inspiration behind their art photography awakens a new layer of meaning in your decision. Our favorite pictures of white owls and beautiful snowy owl prints are titled WHY? And the white owl in flight EASY.

The Effects Of Climate Change On Snowy Owls

As we took fine art photography of the snowy owls, we learned that their population has been declining for some time. While they eat voles, arctic hares, and smaller birds, these creatures depend primarily on lemmings. The small rodents account for about 90 percent of their diets. They live off of moss and greens, even surviving the winters, but they need the right conditions to thrive.

They need enough snowmelt to hide from predators and have vegetation to eat, which is directly affected by climate change. Snowy owls need to eat a pound of meat a day, so they depend on plenty of lemmings to get them through. These creatures have seen a drop in numbers because lemming populations have suffered.

In light of this decline in numbers, I consulted a scientist in Canada who studies snowy owls and their movements. He utilizes tracking bands that monitor individual birds for one to two years. He can track birds flying from Siberia to Canada to Alaska and back to Siberia and then back again to Alaska.

His work was truly fascinating, and it also gave me insight into just how busy these creatures were. We work endlessly to support and create awareness for the snowy owl through our art photography, just like our pictures of mustang horses.

Patience Is A Virtue When Taking Snowy Owl ImagesTaking Snowy Owl Images

These snowy owls had been the first birds I had photographed in quite some time, about three years. I had forgotten a very crucial detail about photographing birds in this period. I was going to have to be very patient. I was used to being patient; after all, that is a good chunk of my work as a wildlife photographer.

However, the patience required for capturing snow owl images or other birds was different from that for mammals. My guide picked up on my realization and reminded me that I was just going to have to wait to get pictures of snowy owls. And wait we did, for a long long time. 

I sat there in the freezing cold without my glasses, making merit uncomfortable. I wanted to photograph beautiful white owl images. My hiatus from photographing birds also made me forget that I had to keep my eye glued to the viewfinder to shoot pictures of snowy owls.

They can stay very still for extended periods of time, which can get quite boring to observe, so I had to wait for them to get snowy owl prints. Unlike human models, who can be asked to move around and pose, I just had to wait for them to change positions. And so, I just had to be patient with my snowy owl images.

Frostbitephotographing birds

After much waiting, a large white shape flew into the frame. I missed my white owl flying shot by a few seconds because I couldn’t press down on the shutter button fast enough. At first, I thought it was just because I was rusty, and my reaction time had also slowed down. My guide then pointed out the burns on my fingers. I had put them to the back of my mind and almost forgot that they were there when I was taking images of white owls. The weather is freezing, reminding me of when I went to Norway to take a bull photo.

While on my last trip to the Arctic, I had kept my finger on the shutter in the freezing wind. As a result, I effectively gave myself frostbite. I was so engrossed in the snowy owl images that I forgot to take care of it. This was hindering my fine-art photography. There were white owls flying around me, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to photograph them.

I tried my best to work through the pain, and my nails were popping ut on our second day of taking snowy owl phoning. The cold weather made this pain excruciating. However, I had no choice but to keep pushing. I was here for snowy owl images, and that’s what I was going to leave with. I’m glad that I persevered.

Gloves or not, the process is what I was glad to work through. My snowy owl art, as always, is for my viewers, but the journey is for me, and I’m also incredibly proud of this one. I came back with truly breathtaking pictures of snowy owls and white owl photography that I’m happy to share with you. I love photographing wildlife in extreme weather, which you can see in our reindeer prints.

Snowy owl pictures: conservationSnowy owl pictures

We must take action to help preserve all the beautiful animals on our Earth. As a fashion photographer, I pay the models when I shoot an editorial. As a wildlife photographer, I cannot pay the animals in our snowy owl images. So to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations, such as The Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection.

A part of all of our photography print sales goes to one of these organizations to do what they do best. So when you buy prints of any size from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping these animals. Our invitation is open to you, your friends, family, and fellow animal lovers to enjoy their favorite images available in different sizes.

Snowy Owl FAQ

  • Q: How do snowy owls stay warm?

A: Needing insulation from Arctic temperatures, snowy owls have a lot of feathers. This makes them one of the heaviest owl species in North America.

  • Q: What do snowy owls eat?

A: Snowy owls will eat various food, including lemmings, Arctic hares, mice, ducks, and seabirds.

  • Q: How big are snowy owls?

A: Their wingspan is 4-5 feet on average. These mighty wings help them silently sneak up on or accelerate after prey.

Find the perfect Snowy Owl photos for your home and we will provide you with premium Snowy Owl of the highest quality. Search for your favorite image available in a variety of sizes. Find the latest videos, fantastic photography images, beautiful landscape photos, funny pictures, and quotes of the world’s most beautiful animals.

Find the perfect Snowy Owl photos for your home and we will provide you with premium Snowy Owl of the highest quality. Search for your favorite image available in a variety of sizes. Find the latest videos, fantastic photography images, beautiful landscape photos, funny pictures, and quotes of the world’s most beautiful animals.

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