How to Travel Fancy on a Budget

Written By Alla Levin
January 20, 2022

How to Travel Fancy on a Budget

After a long year at work, a lot of people can’t wait to go somewhere far and finally indulge themselves. Going to foreign lands gives us opportunities to learn, see, and taste something new. 

It is true that travel can sometimes be expensive. The prices of hotels have been on the rise in 2021, and transportation is no exception either. However, that doesn’t mean your travel experience should deteriorate. On the contrary, here are several strategies experienced travelers use to reduce expenses while having a high-quality traveling experience 

Travel In Low Season 

You will find that most destinations have high and low seasons. For example, you probably never thought of going to Italy for Christmas. Also, most people don’t think about hiking in Swedish Lapland in summer. 

However, that’s a shame, because offseason traveling has multifold benefits. The most important advantage of going somewhere during a low season is that prices are lower. There are no queues, and traffic is not a problem. Additionally, there are fewer crowds, so the locals will probably be in a much better mood to interact.

How to Travel Fancy on a Budget: Look For Less Popular Destinationsromantic getaway somewhere in Europe.

The world is a big place. Although there aren’t many virgin destinations left, it is true that many wonderful places still wait to be explored. You might be surprised how much luxury awaits at very affordable prices if you find a developing destination.

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a romantic getaway somewhere in Europe. 

For example, when they think of traveling to Germany, most couples think about Berlin. And what about Leipzig, a charming little city in the western part of the country? It offers so many different experiences, from art galleries and museums to splendid restaurants and nightclubs. And the prices are far better than in Berlin.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Travel and Learn

Today, we mostly travel to relax and spend quality time with our friends and family. However, in the past, the main reason for travel was to learn and gain valuable life experience. 

So, if you would like to get both benefits, you could travel to learn. For example, if you have a particular hobby, you could travel to attend events where you could improve your skills and socialize with like-minded people. Some organizations even offer free accommodation or cover transportation costs.

Or, you could embark on a journey to Bali for a yoga retreat and training course. These courses might be costly, but you can look at it as an investment. After all, you will not only boost your well-being but also come back home with a certificate that can give a new direction to your future career.

Accommodation Hack #1: Call the Hotels Directly to Check for Better DealsCall the Hotels Directly to Check for Better Deals

When you book a hotel room via an online service, such as, the hotels pay a small fee for being available on their website. And of course, the fee affects the price. 

So, once you find a hotel online, you could give them a call before booking, to check if they have a better deal for you. Another trick is to avoid major services and go for local and less popular ones. There, you could get the same accommodation for far less money.

Accommodation Hack #2: House Sitting, Couchsurfing, and Pet Sitting

Who would say that you could live in Paris for a week without paying? But, it is actually possible. There are several online platforms that connect travelers with locals that need a favor instead of money. So, for example, instead of paying for accommodation, you can take care of the owner’s cat, while the owners are on an urgent business trip.

Also, some platforms such as TrustedHouseSitters connect homeowners who need someone to keep an eye on their homes while they are away. Home swapping can be a very exciting experience as well. 

And that’s not all. Couchsurfing is another option for free accommodation. Sleeping in other people’s living rooms might not be as comfortable, but can be a good way to meet locals. 

However, one thing is important about all these services: make sure to collaborate only with trusted users in order to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Transportation Hack: Search For Flights In Incognito ModeSearch For Flights In Incognito Mode

Did you ever notice that prices suddenly went up for the flight you checked the other day? This is not uncommon, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the prices really changed. 

Airlines and other transportation services such as Skyscanner use cookies to track your browsing history. Therefore, if you want to know the real prices, it is best to browse for flights in the Incognito Mode. Or simply, you can delete your browsing history and cookies before every search.

Food Hack on How to Travel Fancy on a Budget: Visit Suburbs and Eat Like a Local

Experienced foodies know that the golden rule of traveling is: to avoid commercial centers. Restaurants and cafes that are close to the main attractions have huge volumes of sales on a daily basis. Although there are exceptions, most of these places put quantity over quality.

Therefore, when traveling, explore suburban parts, and look for less fine-looking places. Although there is always a risk to stumble upon something even locals tend to avoid, this is the only way to find the hidden local gems. There are always some small restaurants that struggle to attract visitors with high-quality food instead of fancy interior design.

Activities Hack: Bring Your Own Equipmentpaddleboard

Let’s say you are a fan of water sports. Every time you go paddleboarding, for example, you have to rent a SUP. However, if you think about it, renting the paddleboard a couple of times could pay for a brand new one. The same goes for inflatable boats, surfboards, skis, etc.

So, in order to cut expenses and save money for a more exclusive destination, you can buy your own equipment and take it with you while you travel. Besides, in such a way you can be sure that the equipment is of good quality and is perfectly comfortable for you.


Luxury traveling doesn’t have to be expensive it’s one of the travel trends for 2022. Sometimes, it only takes a smart strategy to fully indulge in visiting new and exciting destinations. 

Besides, keep in mind that avoiding crowds and visiting places in low season doesn’t benefit your budget only. It helps the local economies as well, by reducing the impacts of over-tourism and helping the entrepreneurs make it through the low season. In other words, fancy traveling on a budget is not only possible but also sustainable!

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