WordPress by default doesnt come with any sort of web site reporting tools (and it really shouldnt). So if you want to know how many people visited your site, which pages they viewed, or where they came from, youll need to either rely on your raw web logs or use an online tracking service provided by a third party. There are many different third party web tracking services out there, but the two free and popular third party solutions that We highly recommend are Google Analytics (for web traffic) and Feedburner (for syndicated traffic).

Joe Tan created a WordPress plugin to check web stats pretty regularly. This plugin allows you to easily view your Google Analytics and Feedburner reports in your WordPress administration area. It adds a top-level Reports tab and when you click on it, youll get a quick 7 day overview of whats going on with your site (pageviews, visits, referrers, etc). Youll have to login to Google Analytics or Feedburner directly if you want more detailed stats.

As you might expect, youll need either a Google Analytics or Feedburner account before you can really use this plugin. At the moment, these are the only two services that are supported, but I may consider adding some other services if its feasible.

WordPress Reports screenshot

Author: Joe Tan (Thnks Joe!)
License: GPL

  • Provides you with a birds-eye view of whats going on with your site
  • Retrieves data from Google Analytics and Feedburner
  • Reports are represented visually with graphs
  • Choose the reports you want to view
  • Ability to automatically install the Google Analytics tracking code for you, along with optional outbound link tracking.
  • Automatically check for updates to the plugin


  1. Download and unzip the plugin.
  2. Upload the entire tantan directory to the WordPress wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Login to your WordPress admin, click Plugins, and then activate the WordPress Reports plugin.
  4. Click on the new Reports tab, and click Setup subtab.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions and enter the proper details for each service.
  6. Youre done! Click the Reports tab again to view the traffic summary for your site. Sweet!

Download the plugin