Perfect Leather Motorcycle Vest – the Reflection of Bikers Personality

Bikers Wearing a Perfect Leather Motorcycle Vest

Perfect Leather Motorcycle Vest – the Reflection of Bikers Personality.

A perfect leather motorcycle vest in our time has become a significant part of the traditional image of a biker, like a motorcycle cruiser with a large engine, tattoos, rings and a beard. A biker, just like any other man should have everything beautiful – a soul, thoughts, a transport, a beer, shoes, and of course clothing. 

Leather motorcycle vest is a significant element of “Western-Style” clothes, moved to the wardrobe of the “Iron Horses” riders along with the belts with massive buckles, boots, tie-bolts, and bandanas. The style of “modern cowboys” has become popular not only between bikers but also between the rock musicians, as well as all of those who wanted to emphasize their belonging to the motorcycle subculture.

But riding a motorcycle demands from the clothing quite strict requirements. It is difficult to meet a biker or motorcyclist who would not wear leather clothes. It’s not just a vest it is a protection. Ideally, a perfect leather motorcycle vest should reflect owners the personality, while providing a comfort and safety. Features of the motorcycle vest design are called to provide a maximum comfort when riding.

When choosing your perfect leather motorcycle vest pay attention to the following details.Leather Motorcycle Vest_1


The more pockets are on the vest –  the better. There must be at least one an internal pocket for keeping documents and other valuables. All the external pockets must be able closing with safety.


In the US are very popular vests from a very thick leather, emphasizing the brutality of domestic bikers. In fact, this is a leather armor providing a proper protection to the owner. At the same time, it is important to remember that the leather is alive material. It absorbs the moisture, stretches, fits down and eventually fits down perfectly according to your body type. However, an obligatory condition for this is – the owner must constantly wear a vest when riding, and not to store it at home in the closet.

However, nowadays bikers prefer to wear vests made of softer leather. Some of the examples you can see on the popular American show “Sons of Anarchy”, where characters wearing this type of the vests.

An important requirement for the leather of a biker’s vest is a waterproof impregnation, without which it can lose its shape. After all, real bikers ride in any weather and at the same time, they may wear a vest over a raincoat.


Today you can find an available variety of vests with awesome zip fasteners, buttons, buckles, carabiners, lacing, etc. However, on a motorcycle vest, they must be made of high quality, resistant to oxidation under the rain material. 

A place for patches

Different clubs and associations have their own preferences and restrictions about the size, number, and positions of patches, and single-bikers are free to choose where they would like to have them. But when choosing a vest model, you need to think where exactly the patches will be located.

Quality and price.

Today, a biker can choose a perfect leather motorcycle vest for any taste and for any price. At the same time, obviously, the price depends both on the quality of the vest and on its exclusivity.

But the most important quality of the bikers vest is that it should spend as possibly more time on the road with its owner. It should breathe the wind, absorb the sun’s rays, the smoke of the freeways and the dust of the villages, the night rains, and the morning mists.

The drops of engine oil, the salt from the owner’s sweat are its most valuable accessories. Therefore, the legendary and reputable bikers wear their vests for years and decades, experiencing a pride from its shabby, naturally-vintage appearance of their motorcycle vest!

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