Here’s Why Fashion Tourism Is The Next Big Thing In The Global Market

Written By Alla Levin
June 17, 2018
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Fashion Tourism Is The Next Big Thing In The Global Market

Fashion has played a key role in our lives since the days of French royalty. French couture and designers are proud of their pedigree and have held on to it with their breathtaking designs.

But these may not be available at your doorstep.

So, how can one attain the best fashion that the world has to offer? The answer is fashion tourism.

It is a phenomenon that describes peoples’ urge to travel to a new region to purchase clothes and attain the style prevalent there. It can be divided into two aspects – shopping tourism and cultural tourism.

Visiting a new place will offer you a close look at the clothing and styling sense of the people. You will attain information about how people in those areas express their individuality, taste, and style with their fashion.

There is a marked difference between the fashion sense of people in Carrabin Islands and that in French Riviera.

Traveling to a new place for shoppingdesigner saree

Globalization has made it possible for people to get hold of garments, manufactured by foreign designers in any nation. But some stores are rather exclusive. They have outlets only in few countries. Morphe is a makeup brand that does not have an outlet in India.

The same can be said about a few high-end fashion labels as well. They also don’t offer shipping facilities. But what if you have your heart set on something? Your fashion need will pave the path for a trip to a new nation.

Fashion capitals are thronged by people who desire to acquire the best that the fashion industry can offer.

While celebs book a trip to Paris and Milan, an average Joe can check out fashion hubs like Malaysia and Singapore. These countries offer inexpensive but rich looking for clothes. If a certain style is prevalent in the market, you will find it here.

Some high-end fashion stores have their factories in these nations due to low labor cost. So, fashion tourism has dual benefits of seeing new places and obtaining stylish clothes at dirt-cheap prices.

Understanding the culture and fashion of a new place

Fashion lovers don’t just travel in style to a new place to attain the latest fashion trends or to witness the masterpieces of reputed designers.

They take back a lot with them apart from clothes and accessories.

Foreigners who have never been to India will attain information about the culture, heritage, and lifestyle of Indians when they come to participate in Indian Fashion Week.

Creations of Indian designers, like embroidered and heavily embellished lehenga, anarkalis and sarees are not the only items, which will mesmerize you.

Title saree designer_2

If this is your first time in India, you will get a chance to taste traditional dishes, enjoy the hospitality, and a lot more. If you want to purchase traditional Indian outfits, only a trip to India will satisfy you.

Apart from a million designs to choose from, the cost of the product will also be reasonable. A designer saree that costs only a few thousand in India will become must more expensive, once it is shipped out of India.

Apart from traditional outfits, you will be able to pick up inexpensive ethnic jewelry and shoes from India. These complement western as well as Indian outfits.

Boosts urban economy and textile industry?

Fashion tourism is not all about looking gorgeous or covering your body with labels. It also plays a vital part in boosting the economy of the nation.

Millions of dollars are invested each year for organizing the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, Sydney and New York.

Fashion directly or indirectly offers a boost to the tourism of the area. Fashion lovers from all over the world are in a mad rush to get to the location. It provides an instant profit to the airline companies.

Fashion Tourism_2

This influx of people increases hotel business as well. Fashion weeks introduce new trends to the market. This means more work for people associated with the textile industry.

Textile development and garment manufacturing industries generate billions of dollars of revenue each year. It not only sustains the fashion trade but also puts money in pockets of small business that depend on this mega-industry.

Why the long face? Cheer up!

Paintings made by Da Vinci and Picasso are exquisite pieces. Only billionaires and national museums can possess them. If you are neither of the two, then chances of you owning a work of art are slim.

Similarly, 65 % of fashion lovers will never know what real cashmere feels like against their skin. Each sartorial masterpiece, created by Chanel, Balenciaga, Dolce, or Vera Wang, ranges in millions.

An average Joe can only dream of trotting down the street in these fine clothes, evoking others’ envy.

what real cashmere feels like

Bummer! But this should not deter anyone from giving their wishes of owning amazing garments. There are other ways of quenching your thirst for fashion.

If you don’t have the big bucks to spend on clothes and accessories, splurge on replicas. Yes! There is no dearth of shops, which sell dupes of these high-end brands.

These clothes will remind you of the original couture pieces.

Only a trained eye will be able to spot the difference from afar.

Several thrift shops in Paris, Milan, and LA will be able to offer duplicates of famous designer brands.

Fashion lovers don’t mind going a few extra miles to get something of value. If you are visiting your grandmother this Christmas in America or taking a trip to Europe, take a few days out of your busy trip schedule to explore the fashion hubs.

You might be lucky to get your hands on some exquisite clothes, which will make you a fashion diva back home.

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