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Ed Fairburn Creates Portraits on the Geographical Maps.

Portraits on the Old Paper Geographical Maps by Ed Fairburn.

Ed Fairburn drawing portraits on the old paper geographical maps. The artist Ed Fairburn takes the old paper road maps and use them as the canvas for his detailed artwork drawing portraits of women and...
Russell Powell takes social media by storm creating portraits on the palms of his hand

Hyper-realistic Portraits on the Palm of the Artists Hand!

Russell Powell takes social media by storm with portrait painting on the palms of his hands. First, the artist draws a picture on his hand, and then makes an imprint on the paper. An American illustrator...
Unique Conceptual Art from Yana Clark

“Self RefleXion – Body Of Light” Unique Conceptual Art from Yana Clark

Interview with an incredible multimedia artist Yana Clark.  Today I have an incredible pleasure to introduce you a long-awaited guest on our blog, a creative person, a multi-talented multimedia artist, a yoga teacher, a mother...
watercolor paintings

Emotional Watercolor Paintings by Silvia Pelissero.

Emotional Watercolor Paintings by Silvia Pelissero. Silvia Pelissero a young and already very famous artist. She was born in Rome in 1991. Obviously, she is a happy and young lady. But, despite this fact, she...
The Beauty of Female Figures in illustrations by Spanish Illustrator Marta Adán (8)

Terrific Traditional Illustrations of Female Figures by Spanish Illustrator Marta Adán.

The Beauty of Female Figures in illustrations by Spanish Illustrator Marta Adán. A young and talented artist Marta Adán from Castellón de la Plana, Spain creates and incredible, delicate, and compelling illustrations of fairytale female figures....

Scott Listfield Paints Astronauts and, Sometimes, Dinosaurs.

Scott Listfield paints astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs. Scott Listfield - American contemporary artist originally from Boston. He is known for his incredible space paintings (oil on canvas), which depicts a lonely astronaut - explorer, lost...
Sea of Wind, illustration by Raquel Casilda

Art Show ‘Wild and Civilised’ Featuring Illustrations by Raquel Casilda

Art Show 'Wild and Civilised' Featuring Illustrations by Raquel Casilda, (London, UK) It’s been a long time since I was featuring an illustrator on Internet Vibes and today I have a great occasion to do...
underwater art_reisha perlmutter

Breathtaking Underwater Paintings by Reisha Perlmutter.

A girl creates chic and realistic "underwater" paintings, inspired by her memories of the sea! Charming girl Reisha Perlmutter from Naples state Florida in the US is an oil painting artist, she adores painting and...
Svabhu_Kohli _visual_artist

The Luminance of Nature in the World of Digital Paintings by Svabhu Kohli

Interview with Incredible India-Based Visual Artist Svabhu Kohli Welcome to Pandora - the planet from the well-known movie Avatar. This is what exactly i imagine looking at those fantastic digital illustrations by Svabhu Kohli. They...

Best Art Books for Artists to Find an Inspiration

Art Books where the Artists Search for an Inspiration. Every artist needs an inspiration! Art inspiration is an important thing - to be able to see the light in everything that surrounds you, to know...

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