WordPress Feed Styler

Written By Alla Levin
February 12, 2007
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Feed Styler for WordPress 

Feed Styler is a WordPress plugin for WordPress users who are comfortable with CSS and would like to be able to style their feeds. Feed Styler enables you to keep your existing class and ID style declarations in your content but allows a different style to be applied to the feed of that same content. No longer do feeds have to be stripped of style and color.

Feed Styler is for those that use WordPress, are comfortable with CSS, and would like to be able to use their existing markup to style their feeds. Feed Styler is very effective at styling images, blockquotes, and much more. If you are a hand coder and familiar with CSS, Feed Styler will be very intuitive.

This plugin is not for CSS beginners, and not for those that rely on WordPress?s WYSIWYG for content appearance. This plugin is also not for those who have the opinion that feeds should be void of style.

Sample feed that was styled with Feed Styler

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