6 Gift Ideas to Surprise your Loved Ones On a Budget

Written By Alla Levin
October 17, 2018

Gifts on a Budget to Surprise your Loved Ones

Except for birthdays and festivals, other special occasions such as weddings, parties don’t have a set schedule to arrive in our lives. If it is the birthday celebration of someone close to you, the search for fantastic Gifts on a Budget starts to make your loved ones realize how much they mean to you.

But what if their birthday or that special occasion arrives at the end of the month when money is usually tight, and we’re running strictly on a budget? Then, we really can’t afford to buy anything fancy, but a gift is a must!

There are times when we might not have enough money to buy Diwali gifts online, Christmas gifts, Raksha Bandhan gifts, or even Bhai Dooj gifts for our loved ones, and that is where innovative ideas come to the rescue.

It is necessary for the gift to be expensive and big to be liked by the receiver – it is a complete myth. Here are six gift ideas to surprise your loved ones with. These ideas are not too heavy on the pocket and will put a smile on their faces.

Gifts On a Budget: Photo FramePhoto Frame_1

Nothing beats immortalizing one of your fondest memories with your loved one. What better way to do it than frame it in a beautiful frame? If this the occasion is Valentine’s Day or an anniversary or even a birthday, a photo frame with definitely touch their hearts. You can either make a collage of a few select memories that y’all have or select your favorite memory with them, frame it up and gift it to them.

This is one of the gifts that comes right from the bottom of the heart, and we assure you that this gift will be cherished forever. If you want to take things up a notch, attach a personalized handwritten note along with the gift. This will give a personal touch to the photo frame. 

Plantplant gift

A gift like this signifies the fact that the more you take care of your relationship and nourish it, the more it’ll grow. You can use them a small plant with their favorite flower in a bright-colored pot which you can DIY paint and decorate yourself.

To give it a personalized touch, make sure that it is an indoor plant so that it can be placed in their office space or home space. A plant is something evergreen and will continue to grow if well taken care of.

Chocolate BouquetChocolate Bouquet

Flower bouquets are so 2012! Gift your friend a chocolate bouquet instead. You can get an empty bouquet frame made from your local flower shop and place their favorite chocolates in the bouquet instead of the flowers. This is a fun idea; it is not too heavy on the pocket and is something that’s entirely out of the box.

Cakecake delivery online Gifts on a Budget

If you cannot afford to buy your relative or your loved ones an expensive gift, the best gesture for their birthday is to get a cake! You can keep in mind their favorite flavor and get them one customized baked good accordingly.

A cake will allow you to stay well within the budget and can be enjoyed by all! Cake Studio, Mummalicious, Do It Sweet are among the few places where you’ll find cake delivery online in Bangalore.

 Gifts on a Budget: Gift HamperGift Hamper

Well, this won’t be as cool as Karan Johar’s gift hamper, but it surely will be more personalized. You can add some of the favorite things of your loved ones, and honestly, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You have to be smart about it. You could include things like their favorite – soda drink, chocolate, magazine, cosmetics (if it’s a girl), junk food, something that’s an inside joke, etc. The possibilities and combinations are endless; all you have to do is get innovative.

Initialed Mug

Gifts on a Budget

One of these gifts on a budget is not very hard to find and once again has various options. If your loved one is a huge coffee or tea drinker, you can gift them a personalized coffee mug with name for the beverage. They can use this mug at work or home as they please. The idea of the initial on the mug is to make it feel more personalized.

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